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Complimentary 60 minute marketing consultation

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Are you feeling overwhelmed? So much to do - not sure where you should be spending your marketing efforts?

Often it helps to have a marketing/communication professional review your company’s strategy and marketing activities to see if you are on the right track before you make costly decisions.

For a limited time, Backtobasics Communication Services is offering a complimentary 60 minute marketing consultation with an experienced marketing communication specialist.

Adriana Summers, Director of Backtobasics Communication Services will review your existing marketing materials, discuss your company’s vision and make recommendations on how to improve your marketing.

There is no obligation for you to go any further. However, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain from valuable insight into how you can expand your client base.

Scott and Julie Curr
Thank you for taking the time to come and see us. We found our discussion very useful. It really gave us food for thought and renewed our inspiration to take a closer a look at our marketing activities and to get more excited about this part of the business. We found that your advice validated a lot of what we do and also opened our to eyes to untapped areas of marketing that we hadn’t been focussing on.
Scott and Julie Curr
Franchise Owners, Pack & Send Milton
Matthew Tanner
Adriana provided us with a solid insight into how our business could better communicate and how we could strategise our marketing. She is patient, professional and absolutely straightforward and was quickly able to crystallise an understanding of our business into a list of marketing goals. If you are looking to develop your marketing and give your business a solid foundation going forward, we heartily recommend Adrianna's complimentary consultation as it will give you a feel for what can be achieved by a true expert. You owe it to your business!
Matthew Tanner
Director, Social Fabric
Danny Gough
I was surprised as to the amount of knowledge Adriana was willing to impart during our complimentary workshop. Adriana acknowledged that we know our business and market better than anyone else, but her skills to assist us in clearing away unwanted peripheral information really helped us to develop our key message and focus on specific markets. Thanks for listening to our ramblings Adriana!
Danny Gough
Operations Manager, Biometric Identity Systems

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Don’t waste this opportunity. Adriana Summers, Director of Backtobasics Communication Services enjoys learning about the difficult marketing challenges facing SMEs. Call now and have a chat.

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